Obedience: Not just for the dog

So I’ve had writer’s block since my last post. I couldn’t think of what I wanted to write about, even with lots of prayer about it. Even now, I’m kind of unsure where this post is going to go. Let’s find out together, shall we?

In the days and weeks since I finally surrendered to God and handed the reins back to Him, my life has improved immensely. My spirit is lighter and brighter. My smile is bigger and the most genuine it’s been in a long time. Shoot, my worship has even changed! I started letting my hands drift outward during worship at church a few weeks ago, but today my hand went straight. in. the. air. I was getting it! I’m completely certain that this has everything to do with the fact that the Holy Spirit and I are totally in sync these days. Are you ready for this, y’all? 

This past week, I was laying in bed, and Holy Spirit whispered a name in my ear. Very specifically He mentioned the name of a girl I only knew because she is engaged to a guy I went to high school with. She went through an absolutely devastating loss earlier this year (which I knew about via Facebook) and you know what I was instructed to do? Message her. Y’all, I didn’t even know this girl. Did you hear me!? I said I didn’t even know her. And yet, He said to reach out. Hesitantly I did. I gave her the instruction to hand her pain over to God. To surrender all that hurt and brokenness to Him because He wants to restore her. WHAT!? Luckily, she received that instead of thinking I was a lunatic. Of course, my fear was of the flesh because He already knew she needed that message. She even told me she did! I can’t make this stuff up, friends. When the Lord says go, you go. 

We all know the saying “actions speak louder than words.” But did you know that saying works with God, too? Acts of faith and being obedient are part of being in an intimate relationship with Him. I mean, hello!? He is our Father. Part of trusting Him and His plan is obeying His instructions, even when they seem questionable. He will literally never lead you astray. He promises us that. And if I know anything about the Father, it’s that He never breaks a promise. 

Acts of faith are just as important. Remember last blog post when I talked about speaking life over yourself? How everyone who asks, receives? Well, acts of faith are an extension of that. Believing for a job at a Fortune 500 company? Go buy yourself a suit to wear to your first day on the job. Believing for the offer to get accepted on that house? Go buy your welcome mat. Or, if you’re me, you’re believing for the miracle baby girl that God has promised you and you’re starting to clean out your current guest room so you and your husband can paint it pink. Some might call me crazy, but if I turn out to be wrong and we have a boy, at least the nursery was already cleared out and we can always paint it blue. Buuuuuut, I don’t forsee that happening.

When you’re obedient and faithful to Him, He will bless you in ways you never imagined. He loves to spoil us! So, show Him you’re open to receiving His blessings. It might be intimidating, but you’ll never look back, I promise!

Wishing you blessings,


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