Long time, no talk

Hi! Long time no talk. So, I haven’t been around lately because the WordPress app and I have been fighting. It wouldn’t let me log in. Until now! So, what’s new? Well, a lot actually!

  • Since my last blog post, I’ve gotten a job at Starbucks and I seriously love it! Starbucks actually offers IVF coverage through their insurance, so I left my previous job to work there. This leads me to my next update.. we are officially in IVF mode! My insurance begins February 1, 2018, so we are currently doing all the prep work we need to do before we begin. We will begin as soon meds arrive in February. In fact, today I’m going to have a special ultrasound to make sure everything looks good to go.

  • Josh got a promotion within the company he works for, and that’s been a huge blessing for us! We’ve also been making a point to work on our marriage. Not that our marriage was “bad,” but infertility can do a number on your relationship. It does a great job at creating separation. We’ve made a point to do date nights and really focus on each other. Baby Dull needs an example of a strong, loving marriage. We want and need to be a powerhouse for her to witness her entire life.

  • In October, I went to the first annual Moms in the Making conference in Dallas. It. Was. LIFE CHANGING. I met so many amazing women who totally understood my heart. I met face to face with online friends I’d connected with for such a long time beforehand. I made three new best friends with three absolutely amazing women from a simple trip to the bank. I worshipped harder and more passionately than I ever have in my life. I cried, I prayed, and I learned. I left that space with my heart absolutely bursting with hope and childlike faith. And to think, I wasn’t going to go originally. Thank you, Jesus, for working in my heart for me to go there that weekend! {Side Note: We’ve chosen elephants as our baby girl’s “theme,” and I bought a little pink elephant that has since become our IVF “mascot.” You’re going to see that pink elephant appear in several of our photos along the way. That’s the story behind it!}

I have recently had multiple opportunities to educate others on my journey and what infertility truly means and looks like. I’ve also had multiple opportunities to be able to guide and support other women who previously had none on their own journeys. I think that’s why the Lord chose this journey for me. It wasn’t to harm or curse me. It was to guide and bless others who are struggling, or the “outsiders” who might not understand. It’s a job i take seriously and (finally) feel blessed to be given. He trusts me that much? How lucky am I!?

I have never felt so close to the Father. I have been acting in faith more than ever before. I’ve started crocheting a blanket, I’ve bought small items for our future nursery, I’ve bought small items of clothing that seem to speak to me. No longer will I worry about “jinxing it” when buying baby items. Oh no, it’s just the opposite! You see, God showed me this baby girl. He speaks to me about her all the time! He will even use other people to do so. And you know what? I’m ready for her! WE are ready for her!

I’ve reached a place of peace. Full disclosure, it wasn’t an easy road. But I’ve reached a place where I’m genuinely happy. I have a loving, supportive husband who stands beside me every step of this journey. We have a huge, amazing support system of friends and family. Baby Dull’s cheerleading squad is massive, y’all! I have a job I never expected to love this much. I have amazing coworkers and probably the world’s best boss. Seriously. My boss is the most understanding and supportive person. Having her on my side during this journey is so important and such a relief to me. She takes an interest in my journey, and has already reassured me that we will work everything out along the way to make sure this happens. That’s GOD you guys. He has shown up at every single point to show me that not only am I doing exactly what I need to be doing, but that He will take care of everything. I’m so blessed and I’m so happy. Although I’m admittedly anxious and nervous as IVF approaches, I’m also so excited and feeling very fortunate to even be able to do so. Life is so good, God is so good, and this baby girl is on her way. Watch out, world!

Be blessed,


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