Let’s Talk About Pills, Baby

You know what is really frustrating? Needing a specific type of product, finding one you like, and then having that company be bought out. I’ve been taking a prenatal that I loved for about a year, but they were recently bought out by a large corporation and I have serious fears about what the quality of the product will become.

I began my search for a new prenatal last week. Unfortunately, I had a specific list of demands that I knew would be hard to meet. With my dietary needs and recent diagnosis of the MTHFR gene mutation, I need a very specific type of product. That product would ideally contain NO soy or gluten (a shocking number of vitamins contain one or both), it would contain folate as opposed to folic acid (which I absolutely cannot have), it would be made from Whole Foods, and it would be compliant with the Auto Immune Protocol, which I follow as closely as possible. I took to Facebook to see what vitamins my friends took. Come to find out, I’m not the only one in need of quality prenatals that fit these types of requirements! I had friends asking me to let them know what I found out. So, I went to work.

I’ve been researching for days now, and I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve come up with. I’ve composed a list of vitamins that I find to be suitable options for anyone who is TTC. I know it’s super hard to believe, but I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist so this simply a list of what I think are good products. I definitely encourage and recommend that you check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any kind of supplement or medication to make sure it is right for you. Keep in mind that these will all contain folate and be soy-free because those are the requirements that I personally need to meet.

I did price everything through Amazon to keep the playing field even. These are by no means the “only” prenatals that there are, nor the only ones everyone should consider. Also, these are listed in no particular order. So, without further ado, here are the best prenatals I’ve found:

Smarty Pants

This one has been recommended to me several times. It seems to be a top recommendation by obstetricians and fertility specialists alike. I personally don’t like all the added sugars (natural or not) but I’m also trying to follow as closely to AIP (auto immune protocol) as I can. These are not AIP compliant, and aren’t made from whole foods. But, they’re an affordable brand that is backed by doctors and contain folate. Smarty Pants does contain DHA, so a separate DHA supplement is not needed. Plus side, they’re allergen-free! These can be found on Amazon for $19.49, or you can click here.

Mega Foods Baby & Me

This brand comes highly recommended from several of my “crunchy” mama friends, including one who is a midwife in training. It is a good food based vitamin, and from what I can tell is at least vegetarian friendly, if not vegan friendly. It is free from soy and contains folate, but is not AIP compliant. I did see this suggested on an AIP support site but the biotin is from brown rice, which wouldn’t be compliant. Overall a great brand, and I highly recommend it for those who are not following the auto immune protocol. Baby & Me does not contain DHA, so a separate supplement would be needed for that. It can be found on Amazon for $33.23, or you can click here.

Mega Foods Baby & Me 2

The biggest difference between the Baby & Me and the Baby & me 2 is that this one does not contain the herbal blend that the original version has. Same food based vitamins and great quality, but again, not AIP compliant. Another huge difference (and a big downfall for me) is the price! Baby & Me 2 can be found on Amazon for $53.97, or you can click here.

Best Nest Mama Bird AM/PM

Lots of good things to say about this brand! Allergen free, contains folate, and natural. What I’m unsure of is if this supplement is food based. I’m not sure it is as it doesn’t explicitly say so, however they pride themselves on being “natural” and “GMO free,” so I could speculate that maybe it is food based. There are digestive enzymes, which are great for pregnancy heartburn and gut health! From what I can see of the ingredients, this brand is AIP compliant. This one also does not contain DHA. The Best Nest Mama Bird prenatal can be found on Amazon for $29.95, or you can click here.


NATURELO is a vegan/vegetarian friendly brand that has plant-based components. This one, from what I can tell is AIP compliant. Also contains folate and is soy free. Does not contain DHA. It can be found on Amazon for $39.95, or you can click here.

The Honest Company

In general, The Honest Company has great products. This is definitely one of them! No soy, and contains whole foods and folate. However, this is not AIP compliant. Also does not contain DHA. This product can be purchased on Amazon for $38.68, or you can click here.

Nutrigold Prenatal

Another great vegetarian friendly option. This one is also organic, which is not a common find. It is whole food based, which means it contains folate. This one is free of soy and other allergens, as well. Nutrigold is not AIP friendly, and does not contain DHA. You can purchase this product on Amazon for $37.32, or you can click here.

Nested Naturals Prenatal

Fantastic product from what I’ve read! Whole food, soy and allergen free, contains folate, organic ingredients, etc. I also love that this is one tablet, once daily. My infertility ladies will understand this importance. When you’re on lots of supplements, you don’t want to take something you’ll have to swallow a million pills for. This one doesn’t contain DHA, but as you can see, most do not. From what I can tell, this is AIP friendly. Nested Naturals Prenatal can be bought on Amazon for $25.95, or you can click here. Update 3/10/18: I tried these vitamins and they have a very strong and unpleasant taste and odor, in my opinion of course.

And there you have it, folks! Hopefully some of you get some help from this. I was able to find a prenatal through my research, and I’m excited to try it out!

As stated before, I’m not a doctor or an expert, and I suggest you consult one if you have questions or concerns. There were a surprising amount of products which fit my checklist, but didn’t make this list for one reason or another. I mean, one of them was great quality but required you to take 8 capsules a day. Who has time for that!?

Let me know what y’all think, I’d love to connect with you about it. If you try any from this list, let me know how you like them. If you already take one of these, tell me all about it! I’d love your feedback. Happy searching!

Thanks for reading,


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