A letter to my future daughter

Baby girl,

One day I’m going to tell you how much your daddy and I fought for you. I cannot wait to tell you all the ways the Lord came through so we could get to this point. Right now, I’m a massive mix of hormones and emotions. In fact, I had an appointment today and it didn’t go like I’d hoped. Right now, you’re growing on my ovary. Isn’t that cool!? The only problem is, my follicles aren’t growing like they should. I’d like to think the follicle that will become you is the lone, big follicle on my right side. The rest are small and having a hard time catching up. Even in feeling discouraged, I need you to know some things. Are you listening?

Baby Girl, I will never ever stop fighting for you. Not even for a second, and certainly not once you’re born. I promise to raise you as a strong, humble woman of God. You are precious, you are chosen, and you are His. Your name has a very special meaning, and your father and I chose it because the Lord spoke it specifically to me. Your middle name, which has never been a secret, was chosen after so many women in your family who have come (and some gone) before you. You come from a family of strong women who have all fought mighty battles, including the one I’m fighting so hard right now to bring you here. You are a natural-born fighter because it’s in your blood.

Sweet girl, you can do absolutely anything. Let your dreams and your heart be huge and limitless. Be unapologetically yourself, always. Be kind, help others, and always, always remember your way home. Never forget who you belong to. He will never leave you or forsake you. You were fought and prayed for, and we will never stop loving you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are loved, you are precious, and you are invincible so long as you remember to keep your eyes focused on Him.

Never be afraid to go after a goal. What man thinks is impossible is possible with a little faith and a whole lot of Jesus. You’re proof of that. I love you so unbelievably big, my girl. I can’t wait to meet you.


Your Mama